Movies – Top 10 Websites Like Cyro se [Alternatives]

Today I’m going to share with you a list of movie sites that are like cyro se, and if you’re looking for the alternatives, then you should consider these sites.

Before I share the list, I want to know that I fully tested these sites, and these are safe and free. However, for a better experience, to be safe, and to avoid unnecessary ads use an adblocker.

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You may find some of the sites not working because governments and ISPs block these sites in a specific state, region, or country. Using a proxy or VPN, you can change the location and can unblock them.

But before going to the list of alternatives, let’s take at what cyro se site is and what’s its new site.

What is Cyro Movies

As I mentioned earlier, it is an online site that provides tv-series and movies. But the thing that makes this site special is the quality content for free with cool design. Moreover, they have no server where they store all the data that we access.

All the movies or tv show you access are only indexed on the site and linked to the third-party sites. Because of high-quality video results and free and easy to download, the site gets massive popularity among film enthusiasts in a short time.

But unfortunately, like other pirated sites, also gets banned, and now you cannot access it.

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What is the new

Since the site gets banned, yet there is no site available with cyro name. However, while searching, I found a site named, which has a similar design and interface.

If you cannot access it, you can browse its similar sites, which are listed down in the alternatives section.

What happened to

As I mentioned above, it is a pirated site that publishes content on their site without permission and legal license. Government and movie production companies try to shut down all pirated websites, and is one of them. So they shut it down as well.

10 best alternative for movies

All these sites are excellent sources to watch movies and tv shows, and some of these are very similar to the cyro se, and some are excellent alternatives.

Note: The sites that offer movies and tv series for free are not legal in some countries, so before you open these sites, make sure it’s legal in your region or not.

1. Hulu

hulu cyro se alternative

Let’s start with the very first source to watch movies which are Hulu. Hulu is the best and legal source to access movies and tv series online. To access content on this site requires a premium subscription that costs only $5.99 for a month. If you can pay $5.99 per month, you can get rid of spammy ads issues, access to high quality and latest movies, unlimited amount of content to watch.

Hulu does not offer content for free as, but definitely, it is the best alternative. Also, it is a better option than Netflix because it provides a very similar amount of content at half of the price.

So spend only $5.99 and watch an unlimited amount of tv series and movies without any issue. But if you are looking for the free source, then take a look at the other site in this list, which is completely free.

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2. Fmovies

fmovies - cyro se alternative

The second site, which is very similar to the site, is Fmovies. Fmovies offers free movies, and it is one of the pirate sites that survive on the internet for a very long time.

They changed their domain extension frequently, but it’s easy to find and access comparatively other sites. All you need to do is type “Fmovies” in the search bar and open the very first result. 

You can access an unlimited amount of latest releases and old movies on the Fmovie site. Along with the film, you can watch tv series as well.

3. MovieRulz

movierulz cyro se alternative

Another famous name in the world of free movies is, and a great alternative to cyro se is MovieRulz.

The unique thing about MovieRulz is it’s known as providing the latest release movies instantly. As a movie release in Cinemas, they get a copy of the film from their sources and publish it on their source. Because of this, the site receives massive attention from movie watchers and movie producers.

If we talk about the quality of movies, it’s excellent. The only problem you will face while browsing this site is pop up ads, so make sure you used adblocker.

4. ssrmovies

ssrmovies cyro se alternative

If you’re looking for a site where you can download movies at minimum MB’s with good quality, then SSRmovies is for you.

SSRmovies offers Hollywood, Bollywood, dual audio, and Hindi dubbed movies. So if you’re from Asian countries and looking for the best source to download and watch dubbed movies, then definitely you’ll bookmark this site.

Another feature that I like about this site is you can download movies in only 300Mb size, so not only can you download movies quickly, you can get good quality as well.

Currently, their working site is In the future, to stay updated with the domain name, you can join their telegram channel.

5. Soap2day

soap2day  cyro se alternative

Soap2day is another site you can consider as an excellent alternative to On soap2day, you can download and watch movies, tv-series, and sports matches and highlight.

They offer fast and HD streaming, but sometimes the streaming stops, so don’t wait for too long to play the video again. Wait for 1 to 2 minutes; otherwise, refresh the page.

Some videos have 720p video quality, and some of them are 1080p. Also, the site picks the video quality automatically according to internet speed. You can change it from the setting gear to the video player. Make sure you used an adblocker.

6. VexMovies

vexmovies cyro se alternative

Vexmovies has a slick design that is easy to navigate. You can explore the latest and old movies using year filters and your favorite categories through the genre tab.

For example, if you like action, romance, or Sci-fi, mouse hover on the genre in the navigation menu and choose a specific category. All the movies will be related to that particular category.

The quality of the movies is excellent as well. Each video player section contains 1 to 6 links; if you cannot play with one link, you can try another.

7. MovieTube

Movietube alternative

Another excellent cyro se alternatives site you can browse to watch your favorite movies is movietube.

The interface of the site is very simple and user friendly. Also, the content availability system is powerful.

At the navigation bar, you can see different categories that help you to find the type of movies you like.

You can filter movies by genre, year, Top IMDb, top-rated, A-Z, and trending. While browsing the site with an ad blocker, I didn’t notice any redirects and popped up ads.

Moreover, the movie buffering and streaming speed is super fast, but to watch the film or download, you need to Sign up for a free account.

8. G2G Movies

g2gmovies cyro se alternative

G2Gmovies is another movie site that is very similar to MovieTube and a good alternative for cyro se. But it doesn’t offer as huge a catalog of movies as MoviesTube.

The site is quick and responsive for almost all devices. You can access it on mobile, PC, and laptop without any problem.

G2G movies have a system that detects ad blockers and restricts all the content until you deactivate it.

I’m not enjoying this site much, but it is an excellent source to watch movies for free.

9. Netflix

netflix cyro se alternative

We are almost all familiar with Netflix. It is the best site to watch tv shows, documentaries, and movies for free. Also, Netflix is the best alternative among all the sites I listed here.

They didn’t offer content for free; however, you can create a 30 days free trial, or you can get a very cheap account from Facebook groups. 

I recommend this site because if you pay only $9 or get a free account, then you do not need to find any movie site. Also, its legal website and you’ll not face a single spammy ad or promotional.

The best source to get a free Netflix account is to join a Facebook group. In Facebook groups, members share Netflix accounts.

10. 123Movies


The last free source to watch movies is 123Movies. 123Movies is a popular free movie platform like HdPopCorns and Fmovies where you can enjoy an unlimited amount of new releases and old movies. However, the site is not accessible in the previous few days but if you can access its worth visiting.

Conclusion was a popular and excellent source to watch movies for free, but since the site disappeared, some users are disappointed.

But still, there are lots of excellent free sources available to watch your favorite movies. I listed 10 best alternatives for you can check them as well.

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