Cyber Hunter PC: PUBG vs Cyber Hunter Game

Cyber hunter a new shooting game that is based on a similar PUBG concept. Cyber hunter vs Pubg which one is the best game? In this post, you will read everything about this game and its comparison with PUBG. You can download cyber hunter from the play store. Cyber hunter PC is also available. You can download the game and start playing.

All versus all shooting games are not new concepts in the video gaming world. But, for quite a long time this genre of games was not in fashion. Games such as Fortnite and PUBG paved the way to back this fashion in mainstream gaming. I have been witnessing, dozens of video developers. They came with more or less the same concepts of the game basis on the two, battle royal principles. The latest addition, with numerous changes, the same principle is, Cyber Hunter.


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The game has wreaked the havoc in international video gaming world owing to its unique feature and interesting aspects. If you are a pro gamer. You would know how difficult it becomes to adopt new rules in a new video game. But, the zeal of playing video games, double if you could roll your hands on spectacular content same as Cyber Hunter.


Cyber Hunter is released by NetEase games. A notable name in video gaming word and other many successful games on the chest.

This is a multiplayer action-based open world game closely followed and modeled after Fortnight and PUBG. Here in the game, you fight up to 100 players against at the same time, the only alive player will be the sole winner of the game.

The battle same as other battle royal games take a player in an island, the island is full with the dangerous weapons and you need to find those weapons in order to get them used in full swing. The vehicles and other objects can help you in becoming the sole winner of the game if you could shoot and kill other 99.

Cyber Hunter vs PUBG

In cyber hunter, if you had played it already, you would know, the gameplay is entirely customizable.  The weapons are not required to manually use and shoot, they shoot automatically. You need to do a little job, aim the opponent. Yes, if you do not even want to carry out this tiny job, activate the manual function.

Yes, there are many similarities between the two. From the starting button to set, customize button, weapons setting, team changes button, both the games share similarities.

cyber hunt

The differences are many, the hero looks entirely different. In PUBG the player looks more realistic compared to cyber Hunter, the entire feeling is different.

The maps are different in both of them. In PUBG, the starting year witnessed just one map, following the second year, the PUBG made at least four maps available for the players to follow. In Cyber hunter, you see just one default map, and we have to see whether the company will follow the PUBG tradition or not.


If you want to play a game in numerous maps, the PUBG would be a better option compare to Cyber Hunter game.

In PUBG and Cyber hunter hero/player lands via plane. In Cyber Hunter you see the landing via skater from the sky in a massive island. While in PUBG the landing was made possible using Parachute.

Both the games offer you the option to play single, duo and in squad mode. You are free to select any mode available automatically from the international server. If you do not have any friend online, still want to go in a duo mode, you can choose via global server easily.

Download Cyber Hunter APK:

Cyber hunter is an exceptionally mesmerizing game. What makes you fall in love with the aspects and features made available? For a gamer, it would be a one-stop to get amused by the spectacular content.

It’s one of the finest games on the battle royal concept. It starts off with the hero landing on an island where the rivals are already there. The only task you are given to wipe them off, to emerge victoriously in the game.

This is one player standing a video game, explore the scenario, get use the resource available there, use your brain and stand out in the massive crowd.

This is one of the finest smartphone game you can ever have. We have made it possible to provide you with the live link to download the game from the official server. We have provided you with the Cyber Hunter APK download link, tap on the link and store the game on your Android phone.

Yes, you can have it for iOS device, and to get this done, you must follow the iOS download link, not APK. Cyber hunter pc game is also available you can download it.

Cyber Hunter Hacks:

I would like to recommend this mesmerizing smartphone game to all battle royal lovers, this is the finest addition you can have on the all battle royals.

With the Cyber Hunter hack, you will see numerous trunks in the game. For instance, you see lots of clothes for the hero, lots of money, weapons to choose from and running away from the poisons or dangerous zone.

The Cyber Hunter hack will offer you a great range of options to play the game with or without your friends and get the job done by swiping your enemies once and for all.

Cyber Hunter cheats for Android players:

  • Gold


  • Platinum


  • Free Purchases


To use these cheats you need to open the game, open the section to put the hacks and tap on the ok button. Within the seconds of putting these cheats, you see the done message pop-up on the screen.

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Cyber hunter by all accounts is an excellent game what translates the experience of playing Fortnite on a mobile phone device. The game features splendid crispy graphics and you are allowed to play alone in Paris or with the team of four. No matter what you chose or with which you go, your objectives remain the same, be the last man standing in the game.

  • A massive map size of 6 square kilometer
  • Climb any well you desire
  • A wide range of weapons to choose from
  • Impeccable customization of all players available
  • Drive any vehicle around
  • Build any building you want, destroy anything you desire
  • Plenty of useful skills, for instance, the quantum barrier, invisible force field, fire support
  • Explore and fight in a sandbox world

Requirement For Cyberhunter Phone Game

  1. RAM – 1 GB RAM for playing it smoothly (It can also run on phones having 512 MB)
  2. Size – 1.3 – 1.8 GB space required for installing the game.
  3. Android 4.0 or newly upgraded version required.
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