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Well, did you also find your default homepage boring when you purchased your mobile? Then you are at the right place. You will be amazed to know that there are some tricks to change the default app settings as per the user’s requirements. To change the default web browser, all you need is to locate a fitting and trustworthy one as per your desire on the Google play store. In this article, you will learn what Content:// is, its application and manual. You will also know how to change the default home page of your browser.


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What is content://

Content:// is a code or a link that is normally used to set default homepages in the browser. You will surely know that mobile phones are always integrated with a browser and a default homepage if you are a smartphone user.

The default browser here is also known as ‘internet’ or ‘browser’. And this is something that can help you to get rid of the homepage, which keeps running automatically every time you open the browser on Android.

How to Change Default Homepage on Android Browser?

How to Change Default Homepage on Android Browser?
  • Open Default Browser on your Android device.
  • Click on the Menu Button, which is on the top right corner of the screen.
  • After clicking on the menu, tap on the Settings option and scroll down to the sub menu until you find the  Android Browser Settings option. And click on it.
  • Open General Settings. And click on the Set Homepage. 
  • Enter the Link or URL you want to set as the default page or choose the blank page option.
  • content://
  • The above link will open a setting menu to change the default home page on your browser.

Ways to Change Default Web Browser on Android

Content:// is an arrangement to change the homepage of the default web browser on android.

Ways to Change Default Web Browser on Android
  • Therefore, to change the default web browser on your android device, all you have to do is install another web browser as per your preference and requirement.
  • Users can find plenty of web browsers from the play store. Because of its high security and impressive features, it is one of the most installed web browsers on Android devices.
  • Find a satisfactory and suitable web browser such as chrome, firefox, opera etc., from the play store as per your desire.
  • After downloading the web browser, the device will always ask to choose a default web browser while opening a link or URL.

Follow the steps given below:

  • Open Settings on your device (Android)
  • Scroll down and click on the ‘Apps and Notifications’.
  • Now tap on the Default app option and find the browser.
  • Now you can choose the Web Application you wish to open.

Why should you change content://

As smartphone users, we know that the smartphone comes with a pre-installed web browser. But here, the companies can show you ads without the user’s consent for their own benefit to make money. 

So with the help of content://, the users can now change the home page.

Now I hope you got to know why you should change the browser and its benefits. 

Steps to Remove content://

Steps to Remove
  • This URL also helps you to remove:
  • Open the pre-installed web browser on your device.
  • Click on the Settings option by navigating the menu.
  • Then click on the General option.
  • Now, entire the desired URL to set it as the default homepage. 

4 Best Android Browsers


There are two types of firefox programs. One is the standard Firefox Browser. This includes great features such as unshakable perusing experience, cross-stage synchronizing, following assurance, sky’s limit, and secret key chief. The second one is Firefox Focus, which is a protection app with high security. Therefore, both types are unique android programs

Google Chrome

Google chrome comes inbuilt into all Android devices. It is one of the most used browsers, which is entirely free and has a lot of functions. It is highly secured and was developed by Google. You can make your browsing experience better and unique when you sync and personalize Chrome. It often has more recent Android highlights than others.

Opera Browser

It has two android programs. One is the Standard Opera Browser, which includes an advertisement square, dashboard, and video pressure. You can also make an Opera Account wherein you can sync information. Another one is Opera Mini, which is a lightweight alternative. It follows a Facebook notice bar, halfway advertisement blocking, and that’s just the beginning. Like other products, these android programs have their own plus points and low points. 

Microsoft Edge

It is better than an average internet browser on portable devices. It works likewise with Windows 10 and Microsoft launcher. Some different highlights are Hub, including a QR code, a voice search, and private mode. Microsoft, is in the long run, moving edge to a chromium base. It is not marvelous for everyone, though. 

Final words

We hope you have learned and understood everything about content:// and the different ways to change and set the default homepages in other browsers. You can discover millions of web browsers for free on the play store. 

If you are even tired and irritated by your browser’s default homepage, follow the above steps and change it now. 


Which is the safest and secure browser in android?

Google Chrome, opera, firefox, dolphin browser.

Which browser consumes the least battery in Android devices?

Firefox Focus uses the least battery.

Which is the inbuilt browser in Android?

Google Chrome is the inbuilt browser in Android.

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