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How To Block Ads On All Websites In Google Chrome

When you open any website a lot of ads come which make your speed slower. Do you want to block all such advertisements? but how to block ads on all websites? Yes, you can block all ads on any websites. Google Chrome has a large selection of extensions that allow you to easily block all of the annoying ads. You can block all these ads and surf your internet faster, it boost the site that you are surfing, makes it fast and reliable. These extensions are free, and you can easily install this extension in your google chrome browser. It will block almost all ads on all the websites. It also blocks ads on youtube.

How To Block Ads

This is a screenshot of the website (hackchefs) with ads appear on it. Now we are going to block all the ads on any website. I take hackchefs website just to show you an example of blocking ads.

how to block ads


After Installing Adblock plus Extension in google chrome browser, No ads appear on the website as you can see in the picture given below.

Step 1. Open your google chrome browser on your computer/laptop and then click on settings.

block ads


Step2. Click on extensions and below there you will see get more extensions.


Step 3. Click on get more extensions.

how to block ads

Step 4. Search Adblock plus and then install it.


Step 5. Add Adblock Plus extension in your Google Chrome browser.

block youtube ads


Step 6. Now, Adblock Plus is enabled and ready to use. Open any website and you see there was no ad display on that site. It also blocks youtube ads. Now you can surf any website smoothly and fastly.

You can see in the image given below, there is no Ads display on the hackchefs website. This is the method of how to block ads. There are also many other ways to block ads. You can download UC Browser which does not show any ads when you open any website in this browser.



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