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Best PPD Sites 2019 – Highest Paying (Pay Per Download)

Today we are going to discuss some of the Best PPD Websites 2019 (Pay Per Download). You can easily earn money with these pay per download sites. Before going into a discussion of the best pay per download sites you must know what is PPD ( Pay per download) sites.

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What are PPD Sites?

PPD sites stand for pay per download sites as you know by its name that it will pay you per download. Basically, PPD sites provide a platform where you can upload anything like some doc file, videos, image, compress files and anything that is your own property. So whenever any user will download your uploaded file then you will get some money according to the user location. Don’t upload any copyrighted file because if you upload any copyrighted file then the admin will remove that file and can also block your account.

List of highest paying PPD sites 2019:

Here I am presenting the list of top best highest paying ppd site or pay per download sites. This list contains both PPD sites with or without survey so you have wide option to select the website according to your needs.

  1. ShareCash (Survey)
  2. File Upload (Without Survey)
  3. UploadSmith (Without Survey)
  4. Dollar Upload (Survey)
  5. UsersCloud (Without Survey)
  6. FileIce (Survey)

For more details like revenue, affiliate commission, minimum payout and many more thing read the whole article and decide which ppd is best suited for you.

Why should we use PPD Sites?

If you are getting a good amount of traffic to your blog then it is a good way to add some more income to your blog revenue. You just need to upload the file and share the link and if anyone downloads the file then you will get money according to the downloader locations. You can upload a whole movie, software crack, project etc and provide the link to your blog so the user can download your uploaded file and you will get money. It’s a good way to generate some additional money from your visitors rather than ads. If you are not a blogger even you can also use these sites to earn some money and share your uploaded file links on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram.


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Here I am sharing the Best PPD Websites 2019 (Pay Per Download) of both with survey and without survey category.

Best PPD Sites 2019 (Pay Per Download)

 1. ShareCash (Survey) – Highest Paying PPD Site

sharecash Highest Paying PPD Website

  • It is the Best PPD Websites 2019 (Pay Per Download) with a survey.
  • The visitors need to complete the quick survey before downloading the file and for every successful survey, you will get paid.
  • You can also generate a banner and place it on your website for affiliate earning.
  • It has a user-friendly design with dashboard and statistics and also good revenue per download that make it first on the list.
  •  They have an advanced self-learning algorithm that decides which surveys make you the most money.
  • It also provides link locker tools to earn money.
  • On average, you can earn around $1.00 – $1.50 per download and in some case, you can also earn up to $20 depending on the survey.
  • Everyone is paid on the 3rd of the month, but if you earn $100 a day, you will be upgraded to their exclusive Premier Earner Program where you’re paid Weekly.
  •  If a new user will register through your affiliate link then you will get 5% of what they earn, for a lifetime.

Payment Methods

  • Payoneer
    • Prepaid MasterCard – Minimum: $20.00
    • International and US Bank Transfers – Minimum: $50.00
  • Payza
    • Minimum $25.00
  • Paxum
    • Minimum $20.00
  • Bank Wire Transfers
    • US ACH Bank Transfer – Minimum: $50.00
    • International Wire Transfer – Minimum: $100.00
  • Checks
    • US Minimum $50.00
    • US delivery time: 5-7 days via regular mail
    • International Minimum: $100.00
    • International delivery time: 15-21 days via regular mail


2. File Upload (Without Survey) – Best PPD Sites Without Survey

 FIleUpload Best PPD Sites Without Survey

  • It is the Best PPD Sites 2019 (Pay Per Download) without survey. 
  • You can upload movies, songs, Document, photos, etc.
  • You can earn up to $7 for 1000 download. It’s pay depend upon the downloader country.
  • The file size should be more than 1Byte otherwise download will not count.
  • You can also earn from affiliate marketing. If a new user will register through your affiliate link then you will get 20% of referral earning.
  • Here you can also boost your income by PPS( Pay Per Sale) means you have to sell their premium account through your affiliate link and you’ll be rewarded 50% of purchase premium account plus 25% rebills.
  • Its minimum payout is $1 and you can withdrawal it via PayPal, Bitcoin, WesternUnion, MoneyExpress etc.
  • You will get your payment in 1-7 days only after requesting the payout.

3. Uploadsmith (Without Survey)


  • It is one of the best PPD sites of 2018. (Without Surveys)
  • They offer Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth.
  • You can upload Documents, Softwares, Photos, Videos etc.
  • You can Upload the file of any size.
  • They Pay $10 per 1000 complete downloads.
  • Minimum Payout is $10.
  • The file size should be above 1KB in order to be paid.
  • The payments are done within the first week of every month.
  • Your information and files are protected with industry best 256-Bit SSL Encryption.
  • They have a marvellous affiliate program and they pay 10% of referral earning which means if someone earns $100 who was referred by you then you will get $10 from it.
  • Also, they have a remarkable PPS (Pay per Sale) policy. They pay 20% of the Premium account Sale i.e. It means they will pay you 20% of the amount paid by Premium user who was referred by you. So if they buy $89.99 plan, You will get $ 17.99.
  • They have the best in class user interface with intuitive dashboard and informative statistics which give you whole control over your account and earning.

4.  Dollar Upload(Survey) – Best PPD Sites With Survey

Best PPD Websites 2018 (Pay Per Download)

  • Users are required to complete a simple survey then they get access to download your file.
  • This is a secure PPD network in which the user cannot get access to your files without you getting paid.
  • You can earn on average 1 dollar for each user who completes a survey
  • Its rates can vary anywhere from .30 cents to 20+ dollars depending on what county your users are coming from and what device they are using.
  • You can also earn bitcoins for your download. (You will earn 1 point for every $1 generated and redeem these points for bitcoin).
  • Share your DollarUpload referral link with others and earn 3% referral commission off their revenue for as long as they remain active.
  • Its minimum payout is $50 and you can withdraw it via PayPal, Payoneer, Bitcoin, Kiva, Amazon gift card
  • You can also withdraw it via International wire transfer but it requires minimum $500.
  • Users will receive payments within 72 hours typically.
  • You can upload files, documents, videos, and pictures etc.

5. UsersCloud(Without Survey) – Best Pay Per Download Sites

UsersCloud Best Pay Per Download Website 2018

  • It is one of the Best PPD Websites 2018 (Pay Per Download).
  • It does not allow password protect file and image/photo.
  • You can earn up to $15 per 1000 download depending upon the downloader location.
  • The size of the file should be more than 1KB and up to 500MB otherwise, the download will not count.
  • It also includes an affiliate program. If a new user will register through your affiliate link then you will get 10% of referral earning.
  • You can also earn by PPS( Pay Per Sale) means you have to sell their premium account through your affiliate link and you’ll be rewarded 70% of purchase premium account and 70% rebills.
  • Its minimum payout is $5 and you can withdrawal it via PayPal, Bitcoin, Wire Transfer, Webmoney etc.
  • Payment Time – Daily

6. FileIce (Survey) – Top PPD Sites

  • The registration process of this website includes one or two steps more than other PPD sites.
  • If you have a website, then you need to verify your domain.

  •  FileIce offers the easiest surveys to complete, with additional international survey support.
  • You can Contact FileIce support team by sending mail to them and they will response you within 24 hours.
  • You can upload the file at high speed with there flash uploader.
  • They also have an active community forum, where you ask question-related to Fileice.
  • Like other Best PPD Websites 2018 (Pay Per Download), you can upload videos, music, doc file etc.
  • You will earn an average of $1 for each survey complete and file download.

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Final Words on Best PPD Sites 2019 (Pay Per Download)

According to me, you must go to the PPD site without survey. The reason is several like bad survey can damage your site reputation, If the user isn’t able to download the particular file then they might never come back to your site and If the number of downloads is less than you will regenerate less revenue and many more. I have explained this concept of Best PPD Websites 2018 (Pay Per Download) in my previous article. Click here to know more.


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