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best grammar checker grammarly

So as you all know, Grammar is a very important aspect of writing whether you writing a mail ( Online) or writing a project in MS word ( Offline) but some people make grammatical and some advance writing mistakes while doing their work fast and this will give the bad impression to the person who is reading that. And in blogging the grammatical mistake is bad for your site reputation and also bad for SEO. Yes, you read it right. So, it’s better to fix your grammar mistake by using best grammar checker Grammarly.

When you writing something then you unknowingly made many mistakes and it takes too much time to read the whole content again and find any grammar and spelling mistake. So, it’s better to use Grammar checker to do this task and according to my personal experience, Grammarly is best grammar checker.

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How to Install Grammarly?


If you wanna use Grammarly on your Google Chrome browser then install the plugin of Grammarly in chrome. You can download it from their official website and It’s totally free. Similarly, you can also download the plugin for other browsers like firefox etc on Grammarly website for free.

And you can also check the grammar mistakes by uploading the file to your Grammarly profile. Grammarly also provides a platform for real-time Grammar checking, in which you have to log in first then you have to create a file and then write whatever you want to and check the real-time mistakes.

best grammar checker



It’s very easy, You have to download the Grammarly add-on for MS word and you can also download the whole Grammarly software in which you can create a file and write something and check the mistakes on real-time and you can also drag any file to check the mistakes in it.


How Grammarly works?

The working of Grammarly is very easy, You don’t have to do much. You just only need to write and the rest work the Grammarly will do. The working of Grammarly is divided into two sections. First, let’s talk about online working, After installing the plugin on your browser If you make any grammar mistake and other mistakes while writing an email, doing comment on facebook or chat with someone and while writing anything on the browser then Grammarly will detect the mistake and show you the correct word by which you can fix your mistake. It will tell you what you have write is not correct and show you what you should write instead of that incorrect word.

grammarly working

The process of offline working is similar to online. When you are writing something like your project, resume or anything in MS Word then the Grammarly do their work of checking grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes and other advance mistake and give you suggestion to fix them.


Why is Grammarly best grammar checker?

  • It checks for more than 400 types of spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, enhances vocabulary usage, and suggests citations.
  • The user just only needs to write and the rest work the Grammarly will do.
  • The best part of Grammarly is, it’s free to use.
  • It will detect your grammatical mistake and give you suggestion to fix it.
  • It also includes plagiarism checker.
  • For improving the advance issue, you have to purchase the premium version.
  • It available for online as well as offline use.
  • It is also available for Android OS.


One more reason that proves why Grammarly is Best Grammar Checker.

Suppose you are reading a post on facebook or any article on the website and you don’t know the meaning of a word then what will you do? Open a new tab and search for the meaning of that word? Is this what you do? Grammarly makes this task easy for you, you can just need to double click on the particular word in order to know the meaning of that word. That makes Grammarly the best grammar checker.




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