Amazon Courtesy Credit – All you need to know in 2023 (Explained)

Many amongst you probably don’t know about the Amazon Courtesy Credit for sure. If you have noticed the term ‘Amazon Courtesy Credit‘ in your Amazon statement and wonder what is it? How do we get it? How can we use it? How to not use it?


Well, we have decided to write this article with the intention to give all the answers and all appropriate information about the courtesy credit to our viewers. With this article, you will get to know about it and will be able to take benefits from it.


What is Amazon Courtesy Credit?

Basically, Amazon Courtesy Credit is a novel tool that is offered by Amazon itself. Legitimately, this Credit is offered to show some politeness to users to moderate some annoying experiences.

Courtesy credits are also promotional credits transferred to a customer for several reasons and as a part of promotional activities.

The most feasible way you will hear about the courtesy credit is by an email from Amazon that shows something like this:

Amazon courtesy credit

Sometimes, all the customers will not get this kind of email when they get courtesy credit. Instead, some users just get a notification called “credit applied” when they pass the checkout process.

Note – Amazon offers credit in several ways, you may not find the credit with the exact same name we are discussing in this article.

How to get Amazon Courtesy Credit? 

As I stated earlier, Courtesy Credit is a discretionary tool used by Amazon, and therefore, it is not easily accessible to everyone. Whenever you order something from amazon and have a poor experience with the delivery, products, or services, you will become eligible to get this Credit.

Considering, Courtesy Credit is granted in a solely discrete way. I don’t think that they have specific rules published. But, they might have particular criteria to differentiate such situations correctly. Despite this, we were unable to find such a set of rules online. So, it is always better to assume that Courtesy Credit is not something you ‘earn.’ Instead, it is something you get from Amazon.

There are two ways to go with to get the Credit:

Choose a slower shipping method:

One of the most obvious ways to get the Credit is to opt not to receive your free one-day or two-day shipping that you might be eligible for adequate to your Amazon Prime membership. 

To get Courtesy Credit, when you proceed to check out, you will see the option to select a ‘slower shipping method,’ this is the shipping method that will take several days to reach you. This could be “FREE No-Rush Shipping.” 

Always keep in mind that these offers are expirable, so make sure you will check out the expiry date.

Filling a dispute:

Another way to get the credit is if you contact Amazon to resolve some disputes. For example, whenever you face some problem with your order, you should contact the amazon help center and ask them to give you some compensation for the inconvenience caused to you because of their lousy service. They might issue you a credit for the same.

Despite which method you take a courtesy credit with, you should be on the outlook for an email that explains your balance. 

As per your invoice, the credits may be recorded as many smaller individual credits, so keep that in mind.  

How to check Amazon’s Courtesy Balance?

It is quite easy to check your Courtesy Credit balance. You can check it in your account or under the promotional balance tab. Courtesy credit is not visible sometimes, but when checkout, it gets applied automatically. Just visit the credit balance link and tap the button, and you will be able to see all your Credit balance on your screen. If you can’t see a category for Courtesy Credit, you haven’t got any.

How to use Amazon Courtesy Credit?

You can only use the Credit balance on items that are both sold and shipped by Amazon itself. Products that are sold and fulfilled by 3rd party will not be eligible for the Courtesy Credit. 

Automatically, your Courtesy Credit will deduct from any transaction that qualifies when you check out.

How to not use Amazon Courtesy Credit

As per the Amazon US: Before you select to confirm the order you can change the payment method. At the top of the list of credit cards, there is a checkbox, which is checked by default.

Not sure if this way of not using courtesy credit goes the same for all the country or it can be done anywhere.

Final Thoughts

You can get courtesy credits when things go wrong or when you opt for a slower shipping method. These credits can be automatically applied and are very easy to use, but you need to be careful when processing the refunds because you might lose out on some value.

I hope you have everything about Amazon Courtesy Credit by reading this article; if not, please feel free to let us know. Drop a comment or an email so that we could bring more and appropriate knowledge to our viewers. 


Are the Amazon Credit balance and Amazon Gift Card balance the same? 

No, this credit is different than an Amazon Gift Card or Amazon Promotional balance. Hence, the courtesy credit and the gift card or promotional credit may not combine and apply to the same order, but in some cases, they do work in tandem.

Is Amazon Courtesy Credit refundable?

No, They are not refundable. You have to spend your credit wisely. If the balance was applied and you canceled the item afterward, the credit will not be revoked.

What’s the Difference between Amazon Courtesy Credit and Amazon Promotional Credit?

Amazon Promotional credit applies only to products that are part of the ongoing promotion. Verily, the courtesy credit can be applied to any product that is sold and fulfilled by Amazon, including digital products like Kindle e-books and Music.

Can I Use both Amazon Gift Cards and Courtesy Credit for the Same Product?

Yes, you can use it in some cases. If the product is sold and shipped by Amazon, you can apply both the courtesy credit and the Amazon gift card for the same product.

Does Amazon Courtesy Credit expire?

Yes, Courtesy Credit balance has an expiry date; you always need to keep checking out and use it before getting expired. 

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1 thought on “Amazon Courtesy Credit – All you need to know in 2023 (Explained)”

  1. Amazon courtesy credits being non-refundable, especially those given because of some sort of customer service issue, is a ridiculous policy. Why do you have to lose out on credit Amazon gave you for them making a mistake, when you have to return something due to Amazon making a mistake again.

    This happens to me all the time and it’s infuriating.


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