How To Add All Friends On Facebook Group At Once (2 Methods)

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms. Where we can create profile, Pages, groups and events to interact with people. Normally we use Profiles but for a special purpose, events or business we need to create a page, group, and event. It is not an easy task to grow page, group or any event. Here I will share in facebook group invite all your friends at once.

Do you want to add all friends to the facebook group? but its take too much time to add every single person one by one, and if you have a large number of friends then it required so much of time and patience. But don’t worry, I have a solution for it and this solution leads you to not add every single person separately, Facebook group invite all makes your work easy and saves your time. you just need to follow these 6 simple and easy steps to add all friends on facebook group at once.

Invite All Friends On FB Page By Single Click

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 In Facebook group invite all your friends At Once (Using Code)

1. Copy the code from Below.
2. Go to the group ( on which you want to add your friends).
3. Now, Press ctrl+shift+I and go to Console.
4. Press ctrl+L to clean the console.
5. Now, paste the code and press ENTER.
6. Now your friends will be added to this group.

Steps To Add All Friends On FB Group At Once (Using Extension)

You can add all friends on facebook group in one click using Google Chrome extension. It is easy to use, just follow the given steps.

Group Invite All (add this extension in your google chrome browser, below the button is given you can use this button to directly add this extension in your chrome browser).

1. Open your google chrome browser in your computer/laptop and go to setting of google chrome browser.

facebook group invite all

2. Click on the extensions.

3. Click on get more extensions.

invite to fb group at once

4. Search Facebook group invite/facebook group invite all.

5. Add Facebook group invite all extension in google chrome.

6. Now, Facebook group invite all extension is enabled and ready to use. You can use it to add all friends on facebook group in a single click. Facebook group invite all extension appears at the top of the page. To use it open your Facebook group and click on this extension button.

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