How to Use WhatsApp Web on Computer or Laptop?

In this guide, I will discuss Whatsapp Web and how you can use it to see someone’s or your own messages on a computer/laptop or using phone.

Is it legal to use Whatsapp web? Yes, this is a legal tool offered by Whatsapp. Using this tool, you can access your Whatsapp messages on your computer or on someone’s phone.

WhatsApp is a simple, secure, reliable messaging and calling app with more than one billion people worldwide.

Can I access someone else WhatsApp messages? Yes, You can access someone’s WhatsApp account from your phone. But don’t do this without that individual permission.

Monitoring individuals’ conversations without permission is a violation of privacy.

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How to Use Whatsapp Web to Access WhatsApp Messages

You can follow the step-by-step instructions given below to use Whatsapp Web.

You can access someone’s WhatsApp account either from your phone or from your computer/laptop.

Access From Computer

1. Open WhatsApp Web on your computer/laptop.

2. Now, open WhatsApp on your phone and take that phone which WhatsApp account you want to access on your computer, and tap on WhatsApp Web. You can see the image uploaded below.

whatsapp web

3. Now Scan the code which appears on your computer screen from your phone (From that phone which WhatsApp account do you want to use on your computer).

whatsapp web

4. Now, the Whatsapp account opens on your computer, and you can access that phone WhatsApp account from your computer. You can see, read and send messages from your computer.

Note: Monitoring an individual’s conversations without permission violates privacy.

whatsapp web

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Access From Phone

1. Install WhatsWeb from the play store on your phone.


2. Open WhatsWeb on your phone.

whatsapp web

3. Now, use the target phone to scan the code. Take that phone which WhatsApp account you want to access from your phone (scanning code can take a few seconds).

When you scan this code using your friend’s WhatsApp account, it will open on your phone.

Now you can also access your friend messages, and you can read and send messages from your phone.

Use this way if you want to access someone or your own WhatsApp account on the other device.

This is just a QR code scanning feature available on the WhatsApp website (WhatsWeb), which allows you to access anyone’s WhatsApp account on your phone or on your computer.

Yes, It is a legal tool and a very useful web app that makes the work easy. If you do not want to run Whatsapp on your phone, then this is the best method by which you can access Whatsapp on your computer/laptop.


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