ABCya – Free Educational Games and Apps for Kids

ABCya - Free Educational Games and Apps for Kids

What Is ABCya? 

ABCya is a website that offers more than 300 free educational games and activities for school kids by grade level. Millions of parents, kids, and teachers visit and use and play trillions of games. Teachers and parents design activities in ABCya. ABCya only has an English version, but a few apps are offered in Spanish. The games provided could be played using a keyboard or mouse. Students can learn to write, draw and spell. It requires an internet connection. 

It was founded by Alan Tortolani, who is a public school teacher. He created his own games and activities for students so that students could learn while having fun. He chose his domain name to be ABCya so that students could easily type it into a web browser.

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How To Use ABCya?

  • Open the browser on your device.
  • Search in the search bar.
  • After searching, you will get different options on their page.
  • Log in and click on the grade level of your choice.
  • After choosing the grade level, you can choose between-

Numbers – Math games

Letters – English language

Holiday – social studies

Strategy – problem-solving games

Skills – mixed knowledge skills.

  • After choosing, search and select the game.
  • Click on play to start the game.
  • You can always click on the ‘back’ option to go back to more games.
  • And on the ‘Home’ option, go back to the home page.
  • Yes, you’re done. Enjoy playing.

Features Of ABCya 

  • Privacy – It doesn’t ask you for any personal details. Personal information is collected from adults when subscribing to a premium account.
  • Price – It is Free but includes a lot of ads. To remove ads subscription is required. Uses of free, premium family and premium classrooms are mentioned below.
  • Accessibility – It is accessible to young students. You can get access to ABCya using Safari, Chrome, and Firefox; it can be accessed using PC, mobile, and tablet.

Key Features Of ABCya 

Games and Activities – It offers more than 300 games and activities to students by grade level and subject area. Students enjoy learning from it. 

Browse by Grade level – Users can search for games by choosing their grade level. It becomes easy for them to search for the games which might interest them.  

Organized by skill – the content created and designed here is organized by skill. Fresh content is added and updated regularly.

Difference Between Free Subscriber, Premium Family, and Premium Classroom

Ad-freeAccess to videosSave favorite gamesPlay all games (regular) on desktopMobile accessControl game category accessNumber of devices
Free subscriber No Yes Up to 3 gamesYes 6 games a weekNo 1
Premium FamilyYes Yes unlimitedYes Complete accessYes Up to 5
Premium classroomYes Yes unlimitedYes Complete accessYes Up to 30

Advantages And Disadvantages Of ABCya


  • Offers tons of options to practice skills.
  • Promotes critical thinking skills.
  • Engages children in learning.
  • Creates a learning center and allows students to try it out independently.
  • Offers the students fun and interactive ways to aid in their learning. 


  • Since it is a public website, it can be unsafe for students who don’t know how to use it properly.
  • The ads might irritate you if you are using them for free.
  • There’s no support or help for students who do not know what games to choose or how to clear a challenging game. 

Final words

Therefore, ABCya is an award-winning website where your kids can learn and have fun together. Enjoy learning about this fantastic website. We hope you have clearly understood ABCya.


Which are the most fun games on ABCya?

Fuzz Bug Factory – Grade 1
Alan’s Pizzeria – Grade 2
Hoverboard Half Pipe – Grade 3
One Button Circus – Grade 4
Panic in Pet Paradise – Grade 5
Wonders around the World – Grade 6

How do I delete my complete information from ABCya?

You can delete complete information or cancel your subscription by navigating to the platform’s Manage your Account page. And click on the option ‘ cancel my subscription, or something similar to it, and follow all the instructions given on the screen.

Which browsers support ABCya?

Safari, Chrome, and Firefox support ABCya.

Is fullscreen mode available in ABCya?

Full-Screen mode is available only for
Premium Subscribers. Free subscribers cannot avail of full-screen mode.

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