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Anime popularity is increasing every day as japan promoted animes on a wide scale worldwide. It also seems there are countless sources are available to watch anime. As there are countless sources, you cannot identify the legitimacy of the site at one go. However, we at Hackchefs research and check all the sources and then let our users know about them, and we can assure that one of the best and legit sources is 123anime to watch free anime. 

123anime is all in one site and will full fill all your need for anime. Follow up the post until the end and get to know 123anime better, and we have also found some other legit sources in case you want them. 

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What Is 123anime? – Understand It Better

123anime unblocked

123anime is a top-rated site among anime lovers. The site is completely free to use, and you can watch and download your favorite anime from the site for free. The site has unlimited content to watch, genres, movies, cartoon, and more. Everything available on 123anime is in HD quality and gives a smooth experience while watching. 

However, the site also has movies, shows available subbed in English subtitles and also dubbed, so it won’t be a problem if you are an anime lover but don’t know Japanese. You can choose TV Japanese shows like Samurai Champloo, Naruto, Dragon ball, GATE, K-On, and many more.

Although the site was shut down sometime before, they now came up with a different domain name which is 123animes.mobi you can visit the site by copy-pasting this link ‘https://w1.123animes.mobi/’. But it still sometimes doesn’t work in some regions and if your region is one of them, follow up the post. We have mentioned and discussed the tricks to unblock 123anime below in the post.

Features Of 123anime site

123anime has a great feature that should be mentioned and will make you fall for the site.

123 anime features

Check features now.

Unlimited Genres

Unlike some other popular sites, 123anime has unlimited genres to watch free anime from. You will have lots of options and entertainment to enjoy your free time. The site’s Genres include – Action, Adventure, Cars, Comedy, Psychological, Romance, Games, Supernatural, thriller, Samurai, mystery, Music, and much more. You can easily choose any of the genres of your preference and start watching or download it from there. Unlimited genres and content will not be available quickly, but the site has it all, and we recommend you give it a try for once.  

Easy Access

You can easily access everything on the site. The Menu section gives smooth and easy access and includes the type of anime you want to watch. Types of menu sections include – Filter, All Shows, A-Z anime, Japanese, Chinese, Subbed, Dubbed, and proxy. Choose anything in one click and start watching or downloading now. 

Release Date

You have remembered the year of releasing your favorite anime and forget about its name or any other information? No need to worry; 123anime offers excellent features in which you can find your favorite free anime just by their year of release. Start with visiting the site and click or release > year of anime releasing > click to go. It is simple as that, and you will find your favorite anime with simple clicks. 


The section status of 123anime shows the anime that is ongoing, finished, and upcoming. Ongoing refers to the anime shows, movies that are still releasing according to time. Finished refers to anime that are done releasing and have completed their episodes. Upcoming refers to anime that is going to be released any time soon. What could be better than having a feature like this that will quickly help you find your favorite anime?


You can also find anime you want to watch with the section ‘Types.’ The section shows types of animes such as TV shows, Movies, ONA, OVA, Special. This feature has a lot going on and is one of the best reasons you should visit the site right now.  

Movie and Anime

This section of 123anime includes the site Kissanime and section 123movies. Kissanime is another reliable source for anime lovers that offers unlimited animes too, and the 123anime site also has a redirecting link for its users.123anime section includes Japanese movies and other animes to watch and download for free. 

Schedule and News

In the schedule section, you will find out the animes that will be on the site on a specific date and time. And the news section will update you with all the related news about anime. Despite anime news, you will also find other related information here.  And users can also view other member’s anime videos and read other related forums.

Overall, the site is a must-use if you are an anime lover. 

How To Unblock 123anime?

123anime site has been shut down before, but it now came back. Like 123anime, other Anime sites also keep changing their extensions regularly to not be blocked by some countries’ governments and ISP providers. 

If you cannot access the site in your region or it’s blocked and wish to unblock it, follow the steps below to unblock it. 

Use Proxy Server

server proxy

The proxy server is a bridge between you and the site and provides safety, privacy as per the configuration and requirement policy of the company. The proxy server will help you unblock the 123anime easily and minimize your risk. 

Virtual Private Network

Hola vpn

Through Virtual Private Network (VPN), you will be able to encrypt all your traffic and routine and change your IP address provided by ISP. It is a must-use step even the site is not blocked in your region. 


Unblock source

Unblocksources works great when you cannot access the site you want. They provide proxy mirror site links that are almost the same as the site you wish to visit. 

If you can’t find mirror sites with Unblocksources, you also search on google’ 123ANIME UNBLOCK,” and the search result will show you alternatives of 123anime. You can also check the alternative given below as we have personally checked them and made the recommendation for our viewers. 

Top Rated Sites And Alternatives Of 123anime

We have found and made a list of the best alternatives of 123anime. As in some countries, it is hard to access the 123anime website, we found some legit sources/alternatives for all the anime lovers. Here is the list of the 6 best alternatives that provide the same experience, anime shows, anime movies all are subbed and dubbed in HD quality as 123anime. Let start your journey as an anime lover with these best alternatives.

  1. Kissanime
  2. Animesimple
  3. AnimeHeaven
  4. 9Anime
  5. Kickassanime
  6. Animex


123anime is a great and legit source that has everything an anime lover would want. the site itself provides an HD quality experience with a variety of animes and the best part is, it is all for free. You can use this website free and easily with just a few clicks. We hope you have got everything you wanted, if you think we have missed out on something important, please let us know in the comment.


Is 123anime legal?

The site provides the pirated content and all for free so it is not legal, but to use it there are alternatives available such as using VPN, Proxy sites, etc.

How can I use 123anime to watch free animes?

using 123anime is an easy process, just copy-paste this URL in google ‘ https://w1.123animes.mobi/ ‘ and you will see a search bar, write your favourite anime there and click on search.

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