10 Security Tips For Android Phones and Internet Banking

If you use a credit or debit card for online banking or make any kind of electronic financial transaction then here some security tips

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How To Create Fake Facebook Conversation

CREATE FAKE FACEBOOK CONVERSATION:- Are you Bored by reading usual Facebook statuses? Wants to do something cool? So, you are at a right place

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Goals Of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is intelligence participated by machines. In computer science the term “artificial intelligence” is applied when a machine is cognitive(perceptional) functions, such as

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How To Change Mobile Number Online in SBI Bank

If you want to change mobile number online in SBI bank account then you can follow these given below instructions. 1. Open the website https://www.onlinesbi.com/

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How To Get WiFi Password (WEP Encryption)

Open your Linux Terminal On Your PC Step 1 – Type airmon-ng and then enter. This is to view the list of available wireless adapter

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identify uknown symbol

Identify An Unknown Symbol By Drawing It

There are so many symbols you used while studying and it’s too difficult to remember the name of all symbol. You only remember the

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How To Access Chat History, Messages and Photos

Some ways to do this to successfully get someone stuff 1. Using mSpy app – By using mSpy app it is easy to hack anyone whatsapp

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Use Web Browser As Text Editor 2016

Did you know you can use your Web browser as a text Editor? If you don’t know then no need to worry, I am

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Download Entire website

How To Download Entire Website 2016 ?

Many time you don’t want just an article from a website but you want to download a whole/entire website. It’s useful when there is

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Check Real Link Behind Shortened URL 2016

We all aware of URL shortening services like bit.ly, goo.gl etc.. These short URLs are very useful for sharing the links on social sites

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