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How To Make Your Computer Web Cam Into a Spy

Webcam Spy Camera (Computer Web Cam Into a Spy Cam)

If you want to monitor your room/home you can do it with your own personal computer/laptop, be sure that your computer/laptop have a camera in it. by this technique, You can anonymously monitor your room or home in your absence without investing on expensive hidden cameras. It is easy to make a computer into a spy camera.

Requirement For Web Cam Spy

  • you need a computer with a webcam attached to it.
  • Internet connection on your computer/laptop.
  • If your computer meets the above simple requirements, then you are ready for set up.

Process of Running web cam Spy Camera

To run your computer/laptop into web cam spy/spy camera webcam, visit ugolog which provides a free solution to simply make your web cam spy in just a few minutes. ugolog is online video surveillance and monitoring. You can sign-up for a free account and after that, you can use it. ugolog have both free as well as paid plans. It monitor all activities and record it video history.

UGOlog runs as a web application within the browser, so you do not need to install any additional software on your computer. it means you can easily watch what things happening around there in your room/home/office etc and without getting detected as it won’t show on your computer screen. Now all is done, your spy laptop camera software/webcam spy camera is ready.

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