How To Hack Facebook Account in 3 Minutes

Hack in 3 Minutes

This trick is easy to use and have a high rate of success. Now just follow all the steps in sequential order.
step 1. open any browser in your computer/laptop.

step 2. Now open your facebook account.

step 3. Now open a new tab and go to

step 4. now you have to sign up on anomor to get your ID where you will get
victim email ID and password. i am already sign up on anomor now i am
login to my account.




step 5. when you login on anomor you will see there are many links as
candy crush, add 1000 followers, add likes etc . now copy any link (i suggest to choose
link like facebook add followers, add likes etc which can attract
victim to open that link) and send this link to that person whose
account you want to hack. Below some images are given in sequential order how to do it, see them.











step 6. when your victim open that link and login to fb/gmail/yahoo you will

his/her password in your account in victims option.



share and enjoy


I suggest you to make your own different attractive phishing page. you can also see how to make a phishing page here


NOTE : Hacking is a criminal offence and illegal activity so don’t try on anyone. this tutorial is for educational purpose. 

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