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How to delete someone from Instagram (remove fake followers Instagram)

Are you finding the way to delete or remove fake followers on your Instagram account? But, How to delete someone from Instagram?If you do not like to increase your fake followers too much and want to stay away from such fake accounts, you can read this post to solve your problem. Yes, you can block them or remove them from your account.


1. By Blocking Followers

2. By Making Your Account Private to Delete Followers On Instagram


Open your Instagram account in your phone and if you are using computer open Instagram website. Click on your followers.

Your follower’s list appears on your screen. Open profile of that person who you did not want to add to your follower’s list or want to delete them from your Instagram followers list.

Tap on three dot menu. This three dot menu will bring you an option “block“.

If you do not want unknown or fake followers on your list you can simply block them. Click on block button.

Click on Yes, I’m sure button to block your selected user and then the unwanted or unknown follower will be deleted from your follower’s list.

Your blocked user appears like this in the picture given below.

Open your profile page and you will see there is one follower deleted from your Instagram followers.


Open your Instagram profile and click on three dot menu.

Tap on private account. This will make your account private, no one can follow your profile without your permission. If anyone wants to follow you, he/she will have to request follow to do so. You can approve following request by accepting them. It also restricts the users to comment or like on your posts. Only those people can like or comment on your photo who are following you on Instagram. So, How to delete someone from Instagram followers list without blocking them? Yes, you can do it when your account is private. Read the given below step by step procedure to do it.

Click on OK to change to the private account.

Tap on your followers and when your follower’s list opens you will see there is three dots appear in right side of follow button. If you want to remove your unwanted follower, tap on that three dots and then tap on remove. Now, your unwanted Instagram follower is deleted. This is how to delete someone from Instagram.


If you want to unblock a follower. Tap on three dots menu.

Tap on blocked users. Now, a list of your blocked users open.

Tap on that blocked user which you want to unblock.

Tap or click on “unblock”.

Click on Yes, I’m sure and that’s it.

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