How to see anyone password

suppose you have to see password of saved email account on a PC, as sometimes many people save their passwords in their home PC

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Increase RAM of your PC to 10GB

If you want to increase RAM of your PC to nearby 6GB to 10 GB then apply this given method and have a look

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What are the signs that my cell phone is hacked?

A phone that suddenly uses up its battery four times as fast is probably running extra apps, connecting to the network more or tracking

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How To Make Virus Easily

1. virus that shutdown your computer when click on that 1. open your notepad and copy the code given below @echo off shutdown.exe -s -t

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How Internet Browser Cookies Work

An HTTP cookie (also called web cookie, Internet cookie, browser cookie or simply cookie) is a small piece of data sent from a website and

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Internet Security Tips You Must Know To Keep Safe Browsing

Always install a good antivirus software and keep it up-to-date. Always visit known and trusted websites. Perform a virus scan on the files and

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Create Password-protected Folder using Notepad

Having something PRIVATE to keep or did not want someone to see your secret files.. No problem.. You don’t have to google a software

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How To Crack WinRAR Password (100% Working)

How To crack WinRar File, How To Hack WinRar, Cracking Zip File Password, Cracking WinRar File Pass, How To Bypass WinRar Password   If

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8 Cool Window Hack Tricks (Simple and Easy)

Microsoft Windows offers a feature-rich interface and several customization options that make it one of the most user friendly operating systems in the world.

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How to Write-Protect Your USB Flash Drive

How to Write-Protect Your USB Flash Drive Many a time, it becomes necessary for us to write protect our USB flash drive so as to protect it

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