Charge Battery Without Charger (Myth-Buster)

Charge Mobile Battery Without Charger (Myth-Buster) There are many myths regarding battery life and charging styles. Is it possible to charge battery without charger? Now

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How To Become Popular

How To Become Popular The deepest human need is the desire to feel important. When you go through life building self-confidence, attention towards your

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Hacking Tricks and Prevention

Hacking Tricks 1. Keylogger A keylogger is probably one of the most effective and popular ways to hack all kinds of information. Though some services

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Whatsapp Two Step Verification Enable This Security Update

Whatsapp Two Step Verification Whatsapp feature “Two step verification”  a new security update to whatsapp. Enabling this feature is easy. Whatsapp two step verification

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How To Become a Ethical Hacker

What you need to do to get started to become a ethical hacker depends on where you are in the IT field. Hackers can work

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2 Ways To Recover Deleted History

Can you lost your important history and want to get it back ? Don’t worry you can recover your deleted history. You can use

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How To Be a Cyber Expert

To Be a Cyber Expert Experts in the field of computer security can work in a variety of positions, including those as network and

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How To Open Blocked Website

Do you want to open a website on your browser which is blocked by school, college etc. There are still  ways to access restricted websites.

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How To Access Android Apps From PC

Many individuals use android phones on regular usage for chat, email, create notes, and do many more things. However, whenever you are working on

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10 Best Screen Recording Software For Windows

This is the list of 10 best screen recording software on the basis of use, popularity and efficiency. 1. CamStudio Features You can use

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