How To Access Android Apps From PC

Many individuals use android phones on regular usage for chat, email, create notes, and do many more things. However, whenever you are working on PC, sometimes it becomes troublesome to check your phone every time for notification, messages and to access files in it. For this reason, technology has made it easier for you to access your android phone apps and files from PC.

Access Android Apps From PC By Using AirDroid

1. Install AirDroid app in your android device from google play and then you have to login to AirDroid. Do not exit AirDroid on your android phone and press the home button.


2. Now open AirDroid website ( on your PC in any browser.


3. Enter your registered email address and password ( same email address and password which you have used in android phone) then click Sign in.
when you logged in, you will see all your android phone apps, notifications, files etc on to your PC. Below a image will show you how your app would appear in your PC, now you can access android apps from PC. you can access to text, call, and all apps and other files from your PC. Using AirDroid you can access your android phone from any location.


4. Similar App – You can also use TeamViewer which is similar to AirDroid. TeamViewer provides easy, fast and secure remote access.