This is Created By Abhishek Singh And Azad Ansari

Our Aim – To give individuals idea about hacking tricks so that they can prevent themselves from hacking. they can avoid seasoned computer criminals,hackers, online fraud activities, harmful attacks like session hijacking etc.


Hackchefs website is started in april 2016. Your love and encouragement will always keep us inspired to share ideas with you. If you would like to know more information on Hackchefs please get in touch and visit our website. we are trying to make each and every step in easy and simple steps so that everyone can understand it easily. we have ultimate collection of hacking tips, Facebook Hack, Whatsapp Hack, Neighbourhood Wifi Hack, Rooting, Android Application, Installation Problems, Computer Management, Gaming Media, Software Crack,  Software Download, Internet Technology and much more about hacking and other techniques. We can fix the error you will facing while installation. We can also provide PC games as per user demand. You can contact us for any query. 



  • All the information provided on this site are for educational purposes only. any action or activities related to the material contained within website is your responsibility. Hackchefs does not promote hacking/cracking. all these materials are for educational and research purpose.
  • Most of the information provided on this site are simple tricks of android, windows phone and PC (called by name hacking) and no way is related to the term hacking.
  • Hackchefs provide information to create awareness among  people regarding the ways that hackers use to do hacking and fraud among people.
  • Hacking is a criminal offence and illegal activity so don’t try on anyone. otherwise you will responsible for that. performing hacking attempts is illegal. hacking is at your own risk.