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7 sneak attacks used by today’s most devious hackers


In this post, I will share some stealth attack that is common nowadays by hackers. So you can know that attacks and prevent your device from it.

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7 Sneak attacks used by today’s most devious hackers

Read these 7 sneak attacks it may help you to prevent yourself from such attacks which can be harmful to your system.

Stealth attack No. 1: Fake wireless access points

You can’t trust public wireless access points. Always protect confidential information sent over a wireless network. Consider using a VPN connection, which protects all your communications, and doesn’t recycle passwords between public and private sites.

Stealth attack No. 2: Cookie theft

Even encrypted cookies can be stolen. Connect to websites that utilize secure development techniques and the latest crypto. Your HTTPS websites should be using the latest crypto, including TLS Version 1.2.

Stealth attack No. 3: File name tricks

Whenever possible, make sure you know the real, complete name of any file before executing it.

Stealth attack No. 4: Location, location, location

Lesson: Use operating systems that enforce absolute directory and folder paths, and look for files in default system areas first.

Stealth attack No. 5: Hosts file redirect

If you can’t figure out why you’re being maliciously redirected, check out your Hosts file.

Stealth attack No. 6: Waterhole attacks

Make sure your employees realize that popular “watering holes” are common hacker targets.

Stealth attack No. 7: Bait and switch

Beware of any link to any content not under your direct control because it can be switched out on a moment’s notice without your consent.

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